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1-Page leading lady is set to make a splash across the pond

Copyrights reserved to NOAH Internet Conference 2012 We are excited to announce that our CEO Joanna Weidenmiller will be one of the guest speakers on the “Leading Women and Their Start-Ups” panel on Wednesday, November 7 at the NOAH Conference … Continue reading

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Today is the day!

  1-Page is expanding We announced earlier last week  that we had some exciting news to share with you the next day, but ran into a few bump on the way. Thank you for your patience! We are very excited to … Continue reading

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The Resume is Dead – The One-Page Company Announces Resume Alternative, the 1-Page Job Proposal Tool

San Francisco, CA – Resumes, once a key to the hiring process, have been revolutionized by The One-Page Company. From  Pat Riley’s international best-selling business book, The One-Page Proposal, The One-Page Company has launched an instructional online tool that walks you through the proposal writing process step-by-step, to produce a powerful 1-Page Job Proposal. This single sheet proposal may then be delivered personally, via email, or uploaded to one’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other network profiles.


Today’s technology is working against many job seekers as it enables applicants to generate resumes for mass distribution, thus clogging the systems of many companies. Employers become inundated with these resumes, only to discover that the applicants are unqualified. Both applicants and employers need a better solution. Resumes fail because they are all about the job seekers. Companies care about themselves and what that jobseeker is going to do for them.


Unemployment in the United States is at an all-time high. In his State of the Union Address, January 27, 2010, President Barack Obama said, “I realize that for every success story there are other stories of men and women who wake up with anguish as to where their next paycheck will come from, who send out resumes week after week hearing nothing in response.”


Companies hire people to solve problems.  The 1-Page Job Proposal offers a plan to address a company’s problem by offering a solution that involves hiring the job seeker. “Our goal is to make you stand out, allowing employers to see the value you bring to the table and making it easier for them to say ‘This is the person I have to meet,’” explains Riley, chairman of The One-Page Company. “1-Page helps you prove your value, beat the competition, get the interview and land the job you want.”


As an introductory offer, a three-month subscription to the 1-Page Job Proposal tool is just $11.11, allowing the user to create unlimited proposals. And for a limited time, users will receive The 1-Page Job Proposal eBook absolutely free just for signing up.


Features include finding and researching the appropriate:


  • Industry
  • Company
  • Decision makers


”Our company is dedicated to success – your success” says Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, CEO of The One-Page Company. “Now, our patent-pending 1-Page Job Proposal writer enables job seekers to show their unique and innovative strengths to the employer, beyond just a list of past experiences. It gives them back control of their career-seeking process and ends the frustration that has somehow become the acceptable norm.”



About The One-Page Company


The rules of selling yourself, your ideas, products or company, have rapidly changed. The One-Page Company is developing a range of innovative new products to help people go from idea to result – in just one page.


The One-Page Company, ideas simply delivered.


About the 1-Page Job Proposal Tool

The 1-Page Job Proposal Tool enables applicants to outline the experiences, knowledge and ideas that make them a valuable asset to a company. For companies the 1-Page Proposal Tool is the way to identify those applicants with the best ideas which can help your company grow and become more successful.


Media contact:

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller

Phone: 1-415-218-7817

Email:  press@1-page.com


Press Page:  http://blog.1-page.com/

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/1pageproposal

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/theonepagecompany

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