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The Recruiter’s Guide to Virtual Reality: What Your Competition is Doing, and How to Beat Them

  • John Agapos

    Wouldn’t interviewing them be cheaper and easier? That would be a waste of technology and money for 99% of the jobs out there.

    When you understand the position your client is trying to fill, generally a conversation is all that’s needed to assess if the candidate possesses those skills.

    The hardest part about filling a position is determining if the candidate will fit into the team dynamic. The rest is easy. How are you going to assess that with virtual reality?

    • Chadd

      I think you are overthinking it. Virtual Reality isn’t replacing how you asses for a company fit. VR is just ONE part of the interview process. If I can spend only $15 on Google Cardboard rather than the hundreds of dollars it takes to fly a candidate for an interview and still get a similar experience, why not? How much money is wasted by candidates being flown across the country only for them to not be a fit for reasons beyond culture fit? I can assess for culture fit later in the process once I determine it is worth continuing to pursue the candidate. But in the meantime VR offers a cheaper way to get a similar on site experience.

  • Sofian

    Hi everyone! where can i read the article? I seems like it is not available anymore