Uber Killed the Dispatcher. Is Sourcing Next?

  • Glenn

    Excellent points all Patrick, BUT fundamentally, Uber , like the traditional Taxi is a service and still relies upon human capital. Just connecting a person to an enterprise does not complete the service, such as when an Uber drops off a client and Job 1 is done. It is just the beginning for the enterprise and the recruit. Actually putting those two together in a meaningful way to the success of BOTH is the real answer to the question of how do I recruit , how long will it take and what works or doesn’t. Yes, 1-Page can get you there, BUT its what happens after that is where the magic is made.

  • Josh Rector

    Add crowdsourcing into the mix and talent acquisition may become a dying breed.

  • Bigger, better, faster, more efficiently. That’s the name of the game. Anytime we can server people better, we can succeed. We call that #GameChanger. I will be interested to follow your progress, as well as how you address issues pointed out by other commentators. Specifically to who indicated that with UPBER the whole cycle ends at drop-off, while the “connection” is but the beginning in the recruiting field, I would think that is true…in a percentage of cases, but that connecting the potential employer with the right candidate may be all that is needed in a fair number. So that criticism is akin to denouncing a flat head screwdriver becasue it does not, in a single tool, answer all the types of screws there may be in the world.