Your Next Great Hire Starts With a Solid Intake, and This Checklist

A great intake sets the foundation for a great experience for hiring manager and candidate alike. But it’s not just about discovering who the ideal hire is. It’s also about clearly understanding why your ideal hire would, and should, choose you.

Here’s the reality – as we’ve explored before on the 1-Page Blog, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in doing the grunt work in discovering who you should go after, and even helping assess if they’re the right fit. But that’s a good thing – it means that you get to spend more time on what recruiters are truly great at – the sell. More than ever, you need to understand what the candidate attraction factors might look like for the role in and the why that would motivate them to say yes.

If you went and got coffee with one of your best performers, it’s what motivated them to quit their job and jump ship. It’s the work they get to do each day. The nitty gritty projects that challenge him or her. It sounds obvious, but these conversations will quickly give you an idea of what a star recruit is looking for (because you’ve hired them before!)

At 1-Page, we have developed a checklist of key questions to address that will unveil not only all the nuances of the candidate your hiring manager has in mind, but also direct you to the exact motivators you can use to sell the role in question to a candidate like never before.

You need to understand these motivating factors from the outset, so you can put them front and center in your outreach, and each and every time you engage.


Work through this intake meeting checklist and you’ll leave the room not just aligned with your hiring manager, but deeply aligned with what your must-have candidate wants and how to deliver it.

Download the checklist now and transform the way you run your intake meetings!